The student news site of Homestead High School in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Humans of Homestead

Loving lacrosse
Riding and spiking
On fire!
Gao develops new appreciation for home
A future of service: Murphy pursues volunteer work
Guatemala + Florida = Wisco
Sandlow scores a personal ‘World Series’ win
Sharing music in Spain
Young and talented
Kramer reflects on his time at camp
Dancing her heart away
Jumping over hurdles
Check finds passion through dance
Traveling and teaching
Live to run
Committing to play in college
Influenced by Art Janov
Scared of a Different Kind of Dark
Honored to share skills in Hawaii
Taking opportunities
Swimming & learning
Adapting to a new place
Henrichs takes his athletics and academics to the next level
Snowmobiling since sixth grade
Traveling the world
Most embarrassing moments
Paying it forward
South African Roots
Mr. Subach
Things left in England
Mikhailenko plays her heart out
Laughin’ in Cancer’s Face
Keeping up with the Oates siblings
Starting young
In the near future
‘A party with a purpose:’ Boyer shares memories earned through Younglife
Loving her job
Once-in-a-lifetime experiences
Gouverner enjoys his time at Homestead
Thanks to that Silly, Stupid Horse…
From Peer to Patriot
Closing Her Gap.
Happiness marks the spot in Mexico
Classic Comedy
Exploring Europe
Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
Music Moves Her to Tears
Her Roots
Question and answer with Homestead’s cutest couple
If His House Were Burning Down…
Dancing it off
Gym class: the land of Godfrey
Dynamic Duo
Feeling Glad to Be Home
Roses– Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend
Humans of Homestead: Reflecting
Socks, Stars and Stripes
Humans of Homestead: Birthday Party
Humans of Homestead: Real Life
Humans of Homestead: Flavors
Humans of Homestead: Stop and Smell the Roses

‘Humans of Homestead’ give themselves advice

If you could give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? Would it be taking school more seriously, living every day to the fullest, or maybe something else? These "Humans of Homestead" shared their responses. Jacob Bartscher, junior, studies his math book during his study hall. He attended Homestead High School both his freshman and sophomore years. “Starting this year I would tell myself to...

Humans of Homestead: Artwork
Humans of Homestead: Thumbs Up

Humans of Homestead: Say Anything

Emma Zander "So I can say anything? Like discuss my love of the blue-footed booby?" Frank Martin, sophomore Can’t get enough Humans of Homestead? Check out more here. Do you have a story that needs to be told? What about a friend?  Nominate a student or staff member here....

Humans of Homestead: Got Aloe?
Humans of Homestead: The Luck of the Irish
Humans of Homestead: Bromance
Humans of Homestead awaiting spring break
Humans of Homestead: Reading
Humans of Homestead: End in sight
Humans of Homestead: Experiencing loss
Humans of Homestead: Art Club
Humans of Homestead returning to school
Humans of Homestead: California and Comic Books
Humans of Homestead indubitably do what they do
Humans of Homestead: Caucus
Step by step
All of the above
Runnin’ down a dream
Meer dances her way through high school
Everybody dance now
Need for ice
Life is a highway
Power of the pen
Humans of Homestead loving math
Live to dance
Lunch and a movie
Words of wisdom
Humans of Homestead: Under Construction
Humans of Homestead: Forgetting backpacks
Humans of Homestead: Persevering
Working hard
Humans of Homestead: Journaling
Beauty time!
Making breakfast
Humans of Homestead: Making memories