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2016-2017 Staff

Reilly Albert


Reilly Albert is an eager junior who wants to make the most of her time at Homestead.  Balancing her time between homework and hobbies, Reilly is always busy and smiling.  Whether she is running on the cross country or track...

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Bella De Stefanis


Bella De Stefanis is a sophomore at Homestead High School and this is her first year being a part of Homestead Publications. Bella enjoys free writing and taking pictures. In her free time, she likes hanging out with friends,...

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Lily Norman


Lily Norman is a sophomore, taking her first journalism class. Even outside of the typical eight hour school day, you can usually find Lily at school. Whether if she’s at rehearsal for the musical, swimming in the morning, or at ...

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Katie Haddad


Katie Haddad is a sophomore and this is her first year on the Highlander Publications team.  She is excited to be in the class and is hopeful that she will learn new things that will help her skills in creative writing and ...

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Isabel Waszkiewicz


Isabel Waszkiewicz is a sophomore who attends Homestead High School. This is her first year on the Publications staff. Isabel’s friends, along with most of her grade, call her Izzy as a nickname. Izzy enjoys the athletics offer...

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Haley Haddad


Haley Haddad is a sophomore at Homestead High School. This is her first year in Publications. Haley hopes to improve her writing skills as well as learn new things about photography and design. Outside of class, Haley likes t...

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Emma Como


Emma Como is a sophomore this year and is excited to be spending her junior year in Sweden studying abroad. After high school, she looks forward to becoming a Trauma Surgeon after completing Medical School. She enjoys traveling th...

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Emily James


Emily James is a sophomore here at Homestead and this her first year in Highlander Publications. Outside of publications, you can find her performing in school plays and out on the soccer field. She is also an avid tea drinker...

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Brittney Frazier


Brittney Frazier is a senior at Homestead and in her first year of Publications. She is excited to see where journalism can take her future business career. Outside of Publications class, Brittney likes to work, listen to music...

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Marina Names


Marina Names is a freshman here at Homestead and it is her first year on publications. You can find her on the soccer field, in a dance studio, or just lounging in her house. She loves getting dressed up, going out (to brunch specif...

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Ryan Ruhkick


Hello, my name is Ryan Ruhkick. I am a sophomore here at Homestead and this is my first year in publications. In my free time, I like to play golf and be with my friends and family. At school, I am involved in LEAD, Student Co...

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Jessica Griner


Jessica Griner is a sophomore and this is her first year in publications. In her free time, she likes to watch Youtube, listen to music, shop and spend time with family and friends. She loves to edit videos and likes to play a...

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Sarah Blaubach


Sarah Blaubach is a sophomore at Homestead High School and this is her first year writing for Highlander Publications. She is delighted to be a part of the class and hopes to learn many new things to help her skills grow as a...

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Giovanna Fallucca


This is Giovanna’s first year writing for Highlander Publications as a freshman. At school, she has been involved in Kids4Kids, the Slopes for Hopes ski club and played on the JV Tennis team. She is always trying new things...

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Cameron Blackwell


Cameron Blackwell is a sophomore in his first year of Publications. He is excited to see his interest journalism evolve in the Publications class. Outside of journalism, Cameron enjoys playing on the Boys JV Volleyball team, qu...

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Hunter Allen


Hunter Allen is a senior and in his first year of publications. He is excited to be a part of Mrs. Rauch’s publishing team and is looking forward to future projects. When he’s not at school, he’s swimming for Homestead...

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Sasha Shapsis


Sasha Shapsis is a freshman at Homestead, and this is her first year writing for Highlander Publications. At school, you can find her excessively worrying about tests or eating her lunch in one of her classes. But when that i...

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Bella Milbeck


Bella Milbeck is a freshman at Homestead and it's her first year writing for Highlander Publications. At school, Bella plays tennis, participates in Humanitarian Club, forensics, student council, Kosher Food club and French club....

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Grace Adebogun


I am a freshman at Homestead. I am in the Homestead Stage Crew and GEMS. For fun, I love reading, watching Netflix, and writing. I’m really enthusiastic about being a part of The Highlander Online, and I aim to make my content as...

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Molly Plamann


Molly is a sophomore and this is her second year in Advanced Publications.  Most school days, you can find her in room 405 doing anything from designing a yearbook spread to eating a bagel.  When she isn't taking pictures or...

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Talia Gottlieb

Assistant Editor

Hi! I am a senior at Homestead, and have been in Highlander Publications since my freshman year. I am on the Homestead varsity swim team, president of Spanish club, and was a camp counselor this past summer. I love warm weather,...

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Meg Niedfeldt


Meg Niedfeldt is currently a junior and this is her first year on the advanced staff. Meg dances 15-20 hours a week at a studio 40 minutes away and doesn't know how she is able to keep up with school! You'd most likely find her...

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Frances Mackinnon


Frances Mackinnon is a sophomore and this is her second year on staff. She is so excited to be apart of this amazing team, and is pumped for whats in store this year. When she's not in room 405 she enjoys organizing books by color,...

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Kate Price


Kate Price is a junior and this is her first year apart of the advanced publications staff. Kate is a major coffee lover and spends the majority of her time dancing, spending time with her friends and binge watching her most recent...

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Tori Cayle


I am  a Senior at Homestead. Since my Freshman year I have been involved in gymnastics and track. I love going to school sports events, like football games. I'm super excited to be back with publications this year and can't...

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Talia Eiseman


Talia Eiseman is a junior who spends most of her time at her dance studio, or at the JCC participating in BBYO events for her Jewish youth group. When not doing these things, she can be found listening to music, exploring the country...

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Sofia Mendoza


Sofia Mendoza is a sophomore at Homestead High School and moved here to the United States when she was going into 7th grade. She was nervous to make new friends and start speaking a language she had never spoken in her life be...

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Thais Marques

Editor in Training

Thais Marques, a sophomore, has had an unique life as an immigrant from Brazil. She has lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for nine years until her parents received a life changing opportunity to move to Florida. Like most other nine y...

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Mackenzie Kurtin

Intro Staffer

Mackenzie Kurtin is a junior who loves spending time with family and friends. Her favorite hobby is dance, and she participates on the Homestead varsity dance team and North Shore Dance Studio. Besides dance and spending time...

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Erin Carley


Erin Carley is a junior who spends most of her time outside of Highlander Publications participating in cross country and track, among other activities. If you can't find her out and about, it's probably because she's sitting ...

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Abbi Passey


Abbi Passey is a senior. She is extremely adventurous, bubbly, and always eager to help out. She is also absolutely addicted to words and food. Passey reports stories and takes photos of various events and people. If you have ...

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Sasha Milbeck


Sasha Milbeck is junior and an Editor-in-Chief of Highlander Publications. Sasha is a self-diagnosed fontaholic and could design away all day in Room 405 if she could. In previous years, Sasha designed the news-magazine and is super ...

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Hannah O'Leary


Hannah O'Leary a senior who finds herself as the editor-in-chief of Highlander Publications. Hannah loves designing magazine spreads, but finds that she has yet to master photoshop. When she's not taking photos or designing magazine...

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Caitlin Geurts


Caitlin Geurts is a junior and this is her third year on staff. She is beyond thrilled to be diving into many different aspects of journalism this year. You can typically find Caitlin in the art wing during school, or irish...

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Carly Rubin


Carly Rubin, senior, loves Highlander Publications and can't wait for her third and final year in the class. When she is not taking pictures or writing stories however, she is usually doing something BBYO-related or eating a bagel....

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