What’s on your playlist: Angie Cicero

May 11, 2017

Once I was walking down the hall, and I heard a student say passionately, “Music makes everything better.” I agree. In fact, I think it would be awesome if we had a soundtrack for life — where the perfect song for the occasion simply played in the background of all our life experiences.”

-Angie Cicero

Three words to describe your music taste:

“Eclectic, Alternative, Diverse.”

Favorite song of all time:

“‘Dust in the Wind’ by Kansas.”

Music you’ve recently downloaded/been introduced to: 

The Neighborhood

Nahko Bear

Chance the Rapper

Jon Bellion

Gary Clark Jr.

Twenty One Pilots

Bruno Mars


Song that means something to you:

“‘Cities in Dust’ by Siouxie and the Banshees.

I was obsessed with Siouxie when I was a teenager and used to love to dance to this song, so it’s a bit of a nostalgic memory. I also find that the lyrics hold up as a beautiful poem. She literally describes the destruction of Pompeii after a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, but many also saw the lyrics as a metaphor for the devastating results of addiction.
AND Jeff Buckley singing ‘Hallelujah.’ Why, because listening to Jeff Buckley sing is like being kissed. The songwriting genius of Leonard Cohen’s words mixed with Buckley’s voice is beauty.”

Guilty pleasure music:

“The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.” 


Jeff Buckley

David Bowie


Death Cab for Cutie


Dave Matthew’s Band

The Head and the Heart

Damien Rice

Nina Simone

Bob Marley

The Cure


Mumford and Sons

Loreena Mckennitt


Lenny Kravitz

Regina Spektor

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