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Caitlin Geurts, senior, tries to do the splits.

Caitlin Geurts, senior, tries to do the splits.

Caitlin Geurts, senior, tries to do the splits.

I joined the gymnastics team for a day, and it was awesome

Grit, determination and joy: these three words capture the spirit of the Homestead girls gymnastics team. I have always been enamored with gymnastics and completely jealous of the power and talent every gymnast has. So when I got to join the team for a day, it was like a dream come true.

While all I could do was a somersault and a very wimpy cartwheel,  the team still welcomed me with open arms. They truly are a squad (and they rightly call themselves the g-squad).  These women do extraordinary things with their bodies, defying gravity and supporting one another every step of the way. These girls bring the power, and looking pretty is just a bonus.

Coaches Tristy March and Jordan Ireland are students at Concordia. They are looking to push every team member, as long as they are safe and comfortable with what they are doing. The coaches were really funny and truly connected with their gymnasts. Though only a week into the season the team is already learning new skills and act as if they have been practicing together for years.

Overall, I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to join the team for the day. Every team member is united, and they are all happy to be at practice with one another. I admit, I am very much regretting not sticking with gymnastics because this team is truly special.

I would like to thank the coaches and g-squad members for allowing me into their family for a day.

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