Students get excited for summer plans

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As summer approaches, Homestead students get excited for their plans. Students are doing a variety of things ranging from trips to getting ready for their first year of college. Listed below are some of the activities students are planning on participating in.

1. French Trips

“I’m really excited to go on the Quebec trip this summer, I feel like I’ll learn a lot more about how to use french conversationally,” Emma Como, junior, said.

2. Service Trips

“I am thrilled that I am going to Colorado this summer. This is my third mission trip with Lumen Christi and I am looking forward to helping others and making friends,” Rachel Writz, senior, said.

3. Internships

“I’m interning at Milwaukee Tool in Brookfield. I’ll be working on engineering and 3D printing. I started this April and I’m off to a good start so far,” Sam Griswold, junior, said.

4. Working

“At the library I put away and grab books. I’m excited about finding new genres and meeting new people,” Grace Baden, junior, said.

5. Thailand Trip

“I’m excited to get out of here for a couple of weeks and experience different cultures with my friends,” Lily Konik, senior, said.

6. Sports

“I wasn’t on the baseball team last year, so I am excited to be back and have fun playing baseball my last summer before college,” Julian Stechschulte, senior, said.

7. Summer Programs

“I am so excited to be learning new and exciting research about Neuroscience at Cornell over the summer,” Alex Castroverde, junior, said. 

8. Family Trips

“My sister and I will be visiting my family in Idaho in the beginning of August. This will be my second time going and I had so much fun the first time. White water rafting is something that I must do again,” Isabelle Maleki, senior, said. 

9. Music Festivals

“I’m excited to go to Lollapalooza this summer because I’ve never been to a music festival larger than Summerfest. I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of my favorite artists such as Khalid and Travis Scott,”  Ivy Marruffo, senior, said. 

10. Getting ready for college

“I will get ready for college by relaxing all summer in preparation for four more years of constantly working. I guess I’ll start packing in August too,” Aaron Cohen, senior, said. 

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