Breaking News: First Canine Drug Search of the School Year

November 6, 2018

Police officers conducted a random canine search of student and staff vehicles in the Homestead parking lot on Nov. 6. Homestead High School and the Mequon-Thiensville School District permitted this search “in the interest of promoting a safe and healthy school environment,” Principal Brett Bowers said in a letter to parents.

The letter emphasized the fact that the search was randomly scheduled and “did not occur in response to any specific situation or circumstance here at school.”

The canines “did hit on two vehicles,” according to Bowers. Together, police officers and a member of the Homestead administration searched both cars in the presence of each respective student driver. Upon closer examination, no prohibited substances or materials were discovered.

Bowers finalized the letter suggesting parents and students contact him for further questions or concerns.

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One Response to “Breaking News: First Canine Drug Search of the School Year”

  1. Sean Delaney on November 10th, 2018 9:01 pm

    I realize the school is doing what it thinks is best. But, if you need to ignore a fellow citizens constitutional rights, it certainly must came at a price, doesn’t it. The school may have lawyers telling them, you can get away with it, but the 4th amendment is pretty clear on this one. You might want to give this one a second thought. After all, we should be a positive example for those we are raising.

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