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Meet the 2020 candidates: William Weld

Meet the 2020 candidates: William Weld

April 10, 2019

The election process has and always will be a quintessential element preserving America’s democracy. To honor this legacy and to give voice to the citizens of our nation, the electorate holds the responsibility of making educated decisions when it comes to the presidency. Studying all candidates before an election, however, can be burdensome and time-consuming. Through five-question features, this blog will allow you to stay up to date on the 2020 presidential candidates.


William Weld (R)

Who is he?


A former Justice Department official, governor of Massachusetts, and vice-presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party.


Why is he running?


  1. To take a stand for his libertarian beliefs. Mr. Weld called it a moral duty to stand against “the hard heart, closed mind and clenched fist of nativism and nationalism.”
  2. To remove Trump out of the presidency. Weld called President Trump “unstable,” asserting, “I think our country is in grave peril and I cannot sit any longer quietly on the sidelines.”


What are his credentials?


  • Received a bachelor’s degree in classics from Harvard College. He spent a year at Oxford University studying economics and political science before returning to Harvard to attend law school.
  • Clerked for a year at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court before entering private practice at Hill & Barlow law firm in Boston.


How is he different?


He is the first Republican candidate to announce he will run against the president.


What are his main policies?

  • Supports cutting taxes and reigning in spending. Opposes Trump’s tariffs.
  • Closer ties with Canada and Mexico.
  • Believes in legalizing status for undocumented immigrants.
  • Supports gay marriage, LGBT rights, and abortion.
  • Wants increased Medicaid access.


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