A Tumble on the Court


Richard Lusis

Emma Lusis poses for a photo for her senior season at Homestead, fully recovered.

“On Jan. 19, 2020, I dove for a shanked volleyball that went into another court. I ended up landing on the edge of the court when I hit the floor, and when I dove my knee ripped open. I needed about 40 stitches in total. I had to sit out of practice and games for two weeks. Outside of volleyball, I couldn’t walk really well because I had a knee immobilizer on to keep the stitches in place, so I sat a lot more. I also couldn’t drive or sit in the passenger seat in a car. After two weeks, I was cleared and good to go, but I still took it easy for about the next week.

This was my first major injury, but it was actually kind of exciting. The recovery time wasn’t bad so it gave me a little break from everything, and I got to leave class early. The worst part is the scar, but even that isn’t too bad. In the end, I was changed emotionally because I learned that any event can be a positive one and have positive things happen even if it’s typically a negative situation.”- Emma Lusis, senior

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