Wisconsin gets spooky this Halloween


As the temperature drops outside and the Halloween decorations begin to appear all over the streets, the scariest places in Wisconsin come to life.

In Appleton lies the Midwest’s largest haunted house complex, The Burial Chambers. The Chambers include three full-sized haunted houses. Because of the pitch black rooms, long mazes, loud noises and strobes, these houses are known for setting the scene for the scariest night of your life. In fact, the workers refer to the Adrenaline House, The Chambers’ zombie/military house, as “where your senses will be assaulted on many levels.”

Just a 37 minute drive from Mequon is Hunger Hollow in Franklin, Wisconsin. Here you can find a chemical waste ridden trailer park, waiting to terrorize your Halloween. “They want you to think you’ve seen it all and nothing can scare you. They want you to think you’re going home tonight. If you think this is just another haunted house, you’re wrong. They’re watching you, and waiting,” the website advised. Some of the park’s attractions include: The Devil’s Carnival, The CIA Experimentation Haunted House, and a bone-shaking hunt through the woods.

Last but not least, in the depths of Waukesha, Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Fear Grounds. “I still have nightmares about that place. A man with a chainsaw legitimately knocked down a Porta Potty with a man inside of it. Also, one of the creepy ladies whispered my name when I was in the haunted house and it was the worst thing ever,” Sarena Farber, senior, said. On Oct. 1, 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, and 27-31, the grounds will be open. There will be three haunted houses and a new addition, a sleep over. The overnight is 13 hours of horror stories, campfires and pure fear.

So, as Halloween comes closer, which Highlanders will let these scary places give them nightmares?

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