AP Seminar offers students an innovative approach to English

AP English Language and Seminar is a three-trimester-class in its first year at Homestead in which juniors and seniors have a unique opportunity to use research and thinking skills to formulate their own pieces of objective writing. AP Seminar students are engaged in rigorous, college-level curriculum focused on the academic skills necessary for a successful college completion.

According to the Homestead High School Course Guide, “this three-semester course affords students the opportunity to hone their critical reading, writing and thinking skills while strengthening their abilities as researchers and communicators.”

The course gives students a chance to consider multiple points of view to develop their own perspectives on complex issues and topics. Despite the many advantages of the class, because the course combines elements of two Advanced Placement courses, AP English Language and Composition and AP Seminar, attendees of the class will have the responsibility of taking two AP exams in the spring.

English is an essential class all students must take during their high school career and AP Seminar has become proof of the new, innovative changes that school districts are making to their English courses. The following video was created in order to further educate all on this one-of-a-kind course while showcasing the opinions of current AP Seminar students.


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