Introducing plus 20


The new plus 20 schedule.

The start of the 2017-2018 school year means having to say goodbye to the normal flex schedule. Plus 20 is a new program that has been established to extend a different classes for 20 minutes everyday. Starting on Monday, 20 minutes is first added to fifth hour, and this works it’s way backwards throughout the week. This makes a different class 90 minutes long every day. Along with these extended periods, eight late start days have been added, giving teachers the time to collaborate and create lessons to help better guide students.

“We are confident that these student-centered schedule modifications will provide students and educators with the precious resource of time to engage more deeply in activities that will ultimately benefit all Homestead High School students and their achievement,” according to a Homestead announcement.

Plus 20 is creating an environment for students in which they can set goals, make-up work, work with peers and be provided with mini lectures from their teachers to prevent confusion on certain topics. “I like how we have an ability to ask questions and review, and I also like how the class periods are shorter everyday,” Alyssa Boyer, senior, said about how Plus 20 is benefiting her.

Another specific of Plus 20 is that students are not allowed to continue on the work from the  regular period. This allows for teachers to incorporate different lessons into the time they’re given. “I know that some teachers in the first week of school were using Plus 20 for some community building stuff… some teachers have been using that time to lay the foundation of things,” Principal Brett Bowers said.

Although Plus 20 is proving to be helpful for both students and teachers, it’s still a new adjustment from the regular flex schedule we had. “I do miss flex, because it was only a requirement for certain people. It gave others the opportunity for more homework time, or rest before extracurriculars,” Gabi Martin, sophomore, said about how this new change is affecting her so far. However, James Engle, social studies teacher, believes the program is a smart replacement. “Most students looked at flextime as a chance to get home early. Also, students having difficulty in more than one class no longer have to choose which class they are will seek assistance in that week,” Mr. Engle said about the replacement of flex with Plus 20.

As Plus 20 continues to weave its way into the daily school schedule, students and teachers work on productiveness, being efficient and using resources in order to succeed. “As teachers continue to share and collaborate with each other about how they’re using the time most effectively to get the most value out of it, I know that’ll be a great asset,” Principal Bowers said.


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