Drama Club prepares for fall play

Three Musketeers: a story of adventure, history, love and humor.  A heartfelt show of The Three Musketeers is being brought to the James Barr Auditorium by the Homestead Drama Club on Oct. 20-22, 2017.

Every year, a theme and three shows are picked by the Drama Club to perform, bringing the audience a combination of plays and musicals of a similar theme.

“I was talking to a group of students over the summer that was reading plays with me, called the Season Selection Committee,” Amelia Figg- Franzoi, theatre teacher, said. “We had no idea what to do for the fall show and they started suggesting maybe something with fights. We fell upon The Three Musketeers and everyone loved it.”

The theme for the 2017-2018 school year for Drama Club is “be true to yourself,” and the actors believe that The Three Musketeers is a perfect fit.

“I think it’s a good choice for the theme of this year, be true to yourself, because it’s about a journey where the boy, D’Artagnan, finds who he really is,” Jack Cannon, sophomore, said.

The Three Musketeers includes a lot of fight scenes, which students are particularly excited about. The Drama Club is working with Christopher Elst, a fight director in the area, to choreograph fight scenes.

“I am a huge nut for fighting and I probably get to do a majority of it since I’m one of the three musketeers. I’m really excited for that,” Gwen Cain, senior, said.

Not only does The Three Musketeers involve numerous fight scenes, but it’s also filled with humor that’s supposed to engage the audience.

“The Three Musketeers is actually very silly and we’re not taking ourselves seriously. We’re hoping that the audience, as well as the actors, will laugh and have fun with it,” Mrs. Figg-Franzoi said.

Another big aspect of the play is the apparel, which the costumes crew is working to design.

“We were given a time period of 1620’s France, but we were told to give a little modern twist on it,” Bridget Melan, sophomore, said. “We were told to use leather for the three musketeers and use similar colors for their costumes.”

As time winds down until the play hits the stage, actors and the crew are working hard to produce entertaining scenes to showcase to the audience. The Three Musketeers will follow the theme of staying true to yourself and present a story that has a genuine and profound message. “It’s an interesting play that delves into different aspects of life that we can bring into today’s society,” Cannon said.

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