The inspiring story of Jason Maupin

Jason Maupin, a motivational speaker, came to Homestead High School and took off his mask on Oct. 27, 2017. He was able to share his story with students and teachers, educating them about the importance of staying drug-free and finding self-love.

The arrival of Red Ribbon week signifies the presence of the annual Red Ribbon assembly; students and faculty  experience listening to different stories from a variety of speakers and their personal experiences to drugs. Red Ribbon Week is an important event that raises awareness about staying drug-free and living a happy life.

“Red Ribbon week is a fun way for kids to hear about making good decisions in life,” Alyssa Boyer, senior, said.

The 2017-2018 school year brought a new speaker, Jason Maupin, into the auditorium at Homestead. During the relatively short assembly, Maupin was able to pull students into his world and explain his own troubles, showcasing the importance of self-acceptance while demonstrating how drugs affected his life.

Maupin was raised in a household with an abusive father and became suicidal during the early years of his life. His brother dealt with pain in a different way, turning to drugs, which took a hard toll on his life. Looking to turn his family’s and his own life around, Maupin realized he had to fight past his hardships.

“I thought it was very inspiring. Going through stuff like that must have toughened him up and made him a better man,” Gabi Martin, sophomore, said.

Several years later, Maupin created Elevate Industries, “ a motivational assembly program designed to help students make right choices.” With this program, Maupin is able to travel around the world and inspire individuals.

“There’s a reason why we go through trials, and it’s to help others,” Maupin said, hoping to teach others about their full potential.

As Red Ribbon Week comes to a close, the students at Homestead High School reflect on the powerful words of Maupin and the numerous ways drugs can influence their life choices.

“Your past does not dictate your future, it’s how you handle the circumstances that come your way,” Maupin said.  

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