The light burns blue: A one act performance

The One Act group performed The Light Burns Blue on Nov. 11, 2017 in the Homestead Auditorium. The story follows a little girl and her adventures in a village called Cottingley in 1917.

In the play, an artistic girl, Elsie Wright, takes fake photos of her and her cousin, Frances Griffiths, talking to fairies. “ I think that this show has a really strong sense of community, and I think that’s what motivates Elsie to take the pictures in the first place,” Bella Gabor, junior, said.

As the play goes on, Elsie is thrown into a world of fame because of her captivating photos, and is presented with the choice of whether to expose the photographs as fake or not.

One Act is an advanced class offered to individuals at Homestead; it gives students the chance to put together a 40 minute performance and compete. This year, the group has advanced to state.

“We definitely have the charisma and energy, and I think that if we all put that together we’re going to be great at state,” Ethan Schlesinger, sophomore, said.

The play conveys a strong message that every audience member is able to interpret differently, and in the end it all comes together due to the hard work of each student.

“ We get to make meaningful messages and give people inspiration, and it’s amazing to work with people who are just really smart, talented and fun. It’s like a family,” Zack Zens, sophomore, said.

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