Photo gallery: Girls basketball beats Grafton at home

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On Tuesday, Jan. 30, the girls varsity basketball team took on Grafton at home. The girls beat the opposing team with a score of 36-29.


Samantha Crivello, junior, high fives her teammates before the game.

Olivia Wasserman, senior, shoots a free throw during the game.

Grace Crowley, junior, shoots a free throw during the game.

Grace Mueller, sophomore, tries to keep the ball away from the opposing team.

Samantha Crivello, junior, shoots the ball as an opponent tries to block her.

Amanda Hooks, senior, blocks an offensive Grafton player.

Savannah Melan, senior, prepares to pass the ball to a teammate.

Ally RIlling, junior, blocks an opponent.

Samantha Crivello, junior, focuses as she blocks a member of the opposing team.

Olivia Wasserman, senior, prepares to catch a ball passed by Amanda Hooks, senior.

The team huddles before the start of the game.

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