Girls basketball bounces back with a win against Cedarburg

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The girls varsity basketball team came out with a win against Cedarburg on Tuesday, Feb. 13 in Homestead’s main gym with a final score of 62-54. This is the thirteenth game they’re won out of 21 games this season.

After their last loss against Cedarburg, the girls got back on the court wanting to win. “We talked. We communicated. We played as a team instead of playing as individuals,” Sam Crivello, junior, said.

The team came onto the court winning. However, at the end of the first half, they let Cedarburg back into the game, falling into a hole that was tough to dig themselves out of.

“Our effort wasn’t very good. We came into the second half down by 7, so that was really hard,” Olivia Wasserman, senior, said.

After halftime, the girls got back up to speed. They began to talk a lot more with each other and passed the ball more. Their defense created quick baskets on the offensive end.  

“We definitely show the intensity and we played like we wanted to win,.” Grace Crowley, senior, said.

Homestead tied it up, 47-47, with a little over five minutes left. After some of Amanda Hooks’, senior, and Crowley’s free throws, along with Grace Mueller’s, sophomore, layups, they jumped ahead and won the game.

“The highlight of the game was definitely Grace Crowley’s free throws at the end which won the game,” Wasserman said.

The girls have a great relationship with each other. They look to each other as a support group, instead of just a team. They spend almost every single day together, creating bonds that will carry on. They even meet everyday at lunch to talk about the game they all love.

“It’s really cool to have because not a lot of teams have that great of chemistry,” Crivello said.