Homecoming Court nominees announced, final voting opens

The Homecoming Dance will occur on Oct. 13, when the Homecoming Royalty winners will be announced.

Alexandra Grosso

The Homecoming Dance will occur on Oct. 13, when the Homecoming Royalty winners will be announced.

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The nominees for this year’s Homestead High School Homecoming Court for each grade level were announced via email on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

“I would have never thought [that I would be nominated]… I feel amazing and so excited!” Sophia King, freshman, said. “I am so thankful for the people who nominated me!”

The Homecoming Court gives all grade levels the chance to nominate three people to represent their class. This is a brand new tradition, with this year being the first to give students this opportunity.

“It feels really good to be nominated,” Bryce Schneider, freshman, stated. “I feel really proud that I was even considered.”

Students were initially asked, via email, to fill out a Google Form on Sept. 25, stating their grade level and who they would like to nominate for the Homecoming Court.

On why she believes she was nominated, Cate Herring, freshman, said she is, “just trying to be friendly to everyone and [is] trying to follow the Highlander way.”

The students with the most votes overall from the first form were then listed on another Google Form. This form, sent out today, allows for students to vote for three of the approximately twenty students listed in their grade level.

“I voted for the people who were nice and friendly, and represented our freshmen class well,” Mary Bridget Jones, freshman, said.

Students can vote right now through their school email addresses. All they have to do is click on the form, select the three people who they think are best suited to be Homestead’s royalty for this year, and submit. Students are not allowed to vote for the same person twice. 

Principal Brett Bowers and the student council committee have recently created  ‘Homestead Royalty’. Homestead has decided to take this new initiative in order to further emphasize the individual rather than forming awkward make-shift couples.

“I really wasn’t going to go to homecoming [this year] because I have soccer and cross country [practices],” King said, “but I now will be attending, so I am very excited to see everyone in there dresses and tuxes!”

However, the idea of ‘Homestead Royalty’ has not only excited the nominees but the rest of the student body as well.

“I think it will be very exciting to see who wins the homecoming court because I think that all the nominees are great and it will be a close call,” Larissa Georges, freshman, said. “I think it’s a fun thing that Homestead is doing [this year].”

Though there is no official deadline for the form itself as of right now, the homecoming dance will occur on October 13. The winners will be recognized at both the dance and the pep rally during the week of homecoming.

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