Students attend new winter formal


Sasha Shapsis

Juniors dance at the winter formal.

The field house lobby and surrounding hallways were decorated with lights and snowflake decorations as Homestead students filed in Saturday night, Jan. 12, 2018 to buy their tickets for Winter Formal.

The dance is the first winter dance for all Homestead school students and they were looking forward to it. “I was super excited to have a winter dance because a lot of other schools have it, and we [didn’t],” Tori Brandenburg, junior, said.

Many students, like Mia Patel, junior, were looking forward to the dance. “I thought it would be a lot of fun since I liked homecoming, so I was excited,” Patel said.

Bella Huycke, sophomore, shared the excitement for another school dance. “The winter formal was another dance for underclassmen besides homecoming, so I was looking forward to it,” Huycke said.

All the students were emailed earlier in the week with an opportunity to request songs to be played at the dance, further making the Winter Formal enjoyable for the students. “I expect[ed] it to be almost the same as homecoming, except now, we ha[d] song selections so maybe there will be better music,” Patel said.

The excitement leading up to the dance matched the experience had by students who attended. Max Hanson, senior, had a good time with the people he went with. “Even though not as many kids went to Winter Formal as other dances, I still had fun with my friends,” Hanson said.

Attendance was a bit smaller than homecoming, perhaps because it was the first year. “At first not many people were there but then lots of people started to show and was a lot of fun,” Patel said.

Students are hopeful for it to happen again. “It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to another one in the future,” Huycke said.

The profits from the formal went to Relay For Life, which supports the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life event will be held in the spring.

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