Schedule altered for ACT testing


Students prepare to take their ACT test Wednesday, February 20th.

Homestead juniors will be taking the ACT on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and completing the ACT WorkKeys the following day. Due to a large number of students missing classes these two days, the schedule on Thursday, Feb. 21 will be adjusted.

On Thursday, Feb. 21, Homestead students will have a “reverse schedule,” starting their day in their fifth hour class and ending their day in their first hour class. By doing this, juniors taking the test will be present for their fourth and fifth hour class on Wednesday, and their first and second hour class on Thursday.

Testing will take place in the 800 and 900 wings. Teachers who teach in these wings have made accommodations and will be instructing their students in different classes throughout the school. Teachers who are proctoring the ACT have arranged locations for their students who are not juniors.