“Dare Night” puts a spin on team bonding


It’s a Friday night. You fill up your gas tank and pick up your friends. When you get together, you split into teams and make up a list of dares that are worth points. You have a limited time to complete the dares, and the team with the most points wins. This current trend has come to be known as “dare night.”

Homestead sport teams, such as the girls junior varsity soccer team, participated in dare night to get away from their hectic sports schedule and to have fun. The activity gave them something to look forward to during their intense and tiring practices.

Aya Vlasoff, sophomore, was one of the participants in dare night. “Dare night was a lot of fun! Some of the dares included: ask a guy for their number, howl like a wolf in Culver’s, ding dong ditch someone, pretend your stuffed animal is a real person and many more. It was really fun to bond with the team and all hang out in mixed groups and not just with our friends. We all got even closer than we were before, and everyone had such a fun time! Highly recommend a team dare night,” Vlasoff said.

Juniors like Tess Lalonde, also thought it was a fun change in routine. “It was a great way to get the team together and a super fun and friendly competition,” Lalonde said.

For senior, Kathleen Lococo, this is her first and last season on Homestead’s soccer team. “This is my first year playing soccer and it was the best decision. I met so many new people, got to be with my close friends, and it’s always such a fun time on the field. Dare night brought our whole team together and made us do stuff outside of our comfort zone. It was such a memorable night,” Lococo said.