200/500 commons to evolve into flexible classroom space


On May 16, the Mequon-Thiensville School District Board of Education voted on a topic that Homestead had been putting thoughtful of consideration into: the 200/500 commons. Throughout the summer, the popular area will soon be renovated into a interactive, moveable classroom.

By the time students return from summer break, the renovation is planned to be done. “The space is being renovated to make it look, feel, and function like the flexible learning environment it has become over the past several years,” Principal Brett Bowers said. “The space will also be redesigned in the color scheme of Inquiry Wings 2 and 3 so it looks more like a instructional area and not just like a hallway.”

Through the process of removing lockers, adding whiteboards and movable furniture, more than one class will be able to use the space at one time. For teachers, setting up for small groups, projects, and activities will benefit them as well. “The Hub” is planned to spread 25 feet in the 200/500 commons in all four directions. “Students will have more access to spaces designed to allow for purposeful movement during instruction,” Bowers said. Principal Bowers is not the only looking forward to this new addition to the school, many other teachers that use the commons for small groups and breakout sessions are excited to. “This new addition will be a great chance for all of my students to be learning in a different environment and in small groups,” Mr. Recht, math teacher said.