Bye, Europe! Hello, America!

Meet some of the new foreign exchange students with a Q&A


Every year, a small group of students leave their home countries to fully submerge themselves in American culture. This year, five teenagers from Europe have begun their year-long journey as Homestead students, eager to learn and experience as many things as possible.


Describe yourself in one word.

Villads – Curious.

Noe – I would say that I’m curious because I really like discovering and learning things!

Giulia – Dreamer.

Lena – Open-minded.

How would you describe your experience so far?

Villads – It has been great. I have been welcomed and everyone I have met has been really open.

Noe – So far my experience is very good. I’m living with a host family and my host mom and brother are the best! I also tried a lot of different things that I never did in my home country like going to a baseball game and playing golf. I really enjoyed it!

Giulia – Everything here is different. Not better or worse, just different. I’m enjoying my first month here, even though I’m on a roller coaster of emotions. There are always up and downs especially now because my days are super busy with school, practice, and homework.

Lena – Awesome! This word describes everything very well. I have met some very nice and interesting people. I saw wonderful places all over the Milwaukee area and ate a lot of great food!

What is one thing that you want your peers to know about you?

Villads – That they can ask me anything about me and my home country, even though they might think that it sounds stupid.

Noe – I just want them to know that they can ask me any questions about AFS or France and that I’ll answer them with pleasure!

Giulia – I can seem really shy but I’m not! If I feel that I can be myself with you, I can be really talkative and friendly. So come talk to me if you want a new friend!

Lena – I love to get to know new people and to hear about their life. I don’t bite, so you can come to me and ask me whatever you want.

Do you have any expectations for the school year?

Villads – I am looking forward to the social events and to try new things.

Noe – I don’t really have any expectations for the school year. I’m just very excited to practice swimming and track and field later in the year.

Giulia – I want to improve my communication and writing in English and also learn new things.

Lena – It’s gonna be awesome! The school, the teachers, and the whole Homestead community are wonderful. So I think it’s going to be a great and very interesting school year full of new things to learn.

What drew you to study in the United States?

Villads – I have always wanted to go to the United States. I think I would like to try the school system because it’s very different from the Danish.

Noe – I discovered the association, AFS, in my school in France. I have always loved the US! I went on a trip to California with my family two years ago and I really enjoyed it. So living with a host family in the US, discovering the American culture, and going to school here is kind of a dream!

Giulia – I wanted to improve my English because in Italy I attend an intense language school and I studied English, Spanish and German along with Italian. I thought the best way of learning was going to a country where English was the main spoken language. I also wanted to visit the United States since I was 10.

Lena – It was my dream since I was 5 years old. My older cousin did it and I was impressed by what she got to experience! Also, American culture is very interesting and it is a great opportunity to improve my English skills.

Is there anything you find weird about America or Homestead?

Villads – I wouldn’t say weird, more unusual. At Homestead, I have A Lunch, which is at 10:04. That’s a bit too early for what I’m used to.

Noe – I didn’t know that some Americans eat cold pizza for breakfast. At Homestead, lunch is very early and I’m not used to that.

Giulia – Burping in public was very weird at the beginning because in Italy we consider it very rude and gross. But I know that the cultures are different so I’m already used to it.

Lena – Americans put way too much ice in their drinks.


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