New year brings new learning spaces


This is the sign that currently hangs in The Hub which is currently in the 200-500 commons.

Improvements in the hallways of Homestead to the previous “commons” areas have new names, “The Hub” and “The T.” Both areas have whiteboards where lockers once were and new layouts to improve the way students learn.

Not only do the math and science classes utilize the school’s new spaces, but any department is encouraged to use these areas, allowing all departments to upgrade their lesson plans in a way where students can learn through purposeful movement.

Interim principal, Eric Ebert explains the vision  they had for Homestead when granted the funds from the Mequon-Thiensville Education Association (MTEF).

“The idea is purposeful movement in the class that gives kids the opportunity to get a cognitive break as well as a social break to meet their social and academic needs. Research shows that kids up moving about in their learning with purpose,is really beneficial to their learning,” Principal Ebert said.

Many are excited about the new improvements within the school, which are allowing kids to receive a new opportunity to learn. With classes 74 minutes long, it gives students the opportunity to take a break from the typical classroom setting. They are now able to stretch their legs and move around while still being able to learn on the vertical spaces.

Joe Rossman, sophomore, shared that he feels classes go by smoother with the ability to get up and move around during the long class periods.

“I really like the new whiteboards and the new renovations to the school…and I think that the teachers know how to make class more efficient by utilizing the whiteboards. It gives us the opportunity to move around, which I believe makes my learning experience easier. The class runs more fluently and I am a big fan of the new updates,” Rossman said. 

As students and teachers were on summer break, many were at work bringing this new facility to fruition. The new Hub and T weren’t created overnight; in fact, with many collaborators it took several months to put their visions into action. Since previous principal Brett Bowers has since resigned from Homestead, Interim Principal Ebert stepped in to explain the story behind the new  “The Hub” (located in the 200/500 commons and “The T” (located in the science and math commons).

“There was a lot of planning that went into it, mostly Mr. Bowers working with the MTEF. [From there] it was mostly a student-lead design process. ‘The Hub’ comes from it being the hub of the school; everyone walks through there, so it truly is the center of our school. ‘The T’ is just by design the area is [shaped] in a T,” Ebert said. 

Their time and effort didn’t go unnoticed as there were many classes utilizing the spaces in the first week. Many have commented on how the school has remodeled into a way that fits Homestead the best. It combines a better learning environment along with being aesthetically pleasing.

“I like the new renovations. I think that they made the hallways more interesting and they added more space. It is also good because we can get out of class and use them and have a nice place to work. I am very happy that the school is changing into a more interesting and engaging area,” Kelley Elliott, junior, said.


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