National College Fair comes to Milwaukee


Ashley Zaiss

Caylee Herrera, senior, talks to a representative from Seattle University with her dad. 

Over 200 universities gathered for the National College Fair in Milwaukee on Oct.6, 2019. The fair offered a variety of workshops throughout the afternoon to help students meet and explore various colleges.

The National College Fair is run by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and is accessible to the public free of charge. The organization allows students across the country to speak with representatives from numerous universities that help assist them in their decisions about post-secondary education. 

The fair held various workshops for students and parents, ranging from teaching attendees how to write a college essay to providing knowledge about financial aid.  

Many Homestead students were in attendance to speak with representatives.

Marissa Pegorsch, senior, spoke with many universities including Butler, Purdue and Marquette University. “The fair was super beneficial to me because I was able to meet with a lot of representatives from a ton of the colleges I’m interested in applying to in a few weeks. It was helpful to be able to ask them questions about the programs and majors I’m interested in,” Pegorsch said. 

Claudia Chedid, junior, also attended the fair on Sunday. “The fair was really helpful to me because I was able to directly speak to colleges I was interested in. It definitely made me feel more confident about my top choices too,” Chedid said. 

Another Homestead junior, Teddy Schaal, spoke on the major benefit of attending a college fair as a high school junior. “Being able to have an idea of where I want to go early on will give me the option to change my schedule to insure that I have the absolute best chance of getting into the college I want,” Schaal said.

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