Idea to reality: Student receives research grant to make project come to life


Rachel Rauch

Morgan Klug presents her first research poster to an audience of peers and Superintendent Matt Joynt.

AP Research senior, Morgan Klug, has received a $500 research grant from an organization called GripTape to help fund her research project this trimester. 

Klug’s AP Research project involves studying the use of virtual reality headsets to implement social emotional learning curriculum in middle schools. 

“I initially heard about the [GripTape] organization through a friend I had met at a forensics meet, and she told me I should apply,” Klug said. 

Klug will tap into the funds to purchase curriculum and supplies to help test and execute her research method. 

“I think now that we are getting closer to data collection in AP Research, I’m starting to understand just how cool it will be to conduct my own experiment with the help of a grant. On top of that, I think it’s also a nice way to get in touch with other people who can help me with my research, so I’m excited for that component as well,” Klug said. 

In AP Research, students choose a research question and complete a literature review to identify a gap in the research. Students then design their own way to add to the existing body of research by conducting research on the gap. The final product of their work is a 4,000 – 5,000 word research paper along with a presentation and oral defense.

With the help of the grant, Klug can make her experiment come to life with the advanced technology and access to the necessary curriculum.

 “I definitely think that if I effectively utilize the grant and work hard in the course, I think the grant can serve prepare me for college-level research. I hope that this will lead to more opportunities and avenues for me to explore in the future,” Klug said.

Klug explained that she expects to work with middle school students in the Mequon-Thiensville District to conduct her research.

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