Reflecting six months later


As part of the week we had the opportunity to tour our nation's capitol building.

This past summer I had the honor of being the Wisconsin representative at the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference, an annual events that brings 51 students, one from every state and Washington DC, together into our nation’s capitol of DC.

Throughout the week, the aspiring student journalists had the opportunity to talk to professional journalists in all different areas. We talked to sports journalists, broadcast journalists and photo journalists. Also, we were able to see different sights within Washington DC like the capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Newseum.

My favorite memory from the week was being able to see Carol Guzy win the Al Neubarth Award at the alumni banquet held in the Newseum. Being an aspiring photojournalist myself, it was so inspiring to see her win this prestigious award for spreading news through her photographs. I also enjoyed being able to eat with Mollie Cook, a Homestead and Free Spirit Scholar alumna, during this dinner.

Throughout the week, I took video clips of all the things we did. I wanted to make a video to recap our week so people who may not know what this conference is are able to get a glimpse into our week. Thank you to everyone who made this one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life!



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