More than a game


Ava Wojnowski

Jersey #16 is displayed through the glass on the ice rink during the game in remembrance of Cam Kranich.

The boys hockey team played against Reedsburg Wisconsin Dells on Saturday, Dec. 7 in the third game of the season for the Highlanders. Though they felt ready to tackle their opponents, the boys ended up losing the game 1-6.

Mark Schimpf, freshman, was the goal scorer of the game on Saturday night.

“I think the game could have been executed better by the team, but the effort level was high,” Schmipf said.

Head Coach Tony Navarre is looking at the positives from the game and working to adjust the negatives. He knows what he wants the team to improve on and is looking to work on these things during practice.

“We started out solid and improved in a number of areas from our breakouts to our power plays, but we need to continue to work on penalty kills and driving the net,” Coach Navarre said.

Although the boys were disappointed with the loss, this game was about more than winning. The boys hockey team used this game to honor their teammate Cam Kranich who passed away in October and to spread awareness about the importance of mental health.

“We dedicated and played our hearts out during this game for our friend and brother Cam. We miss him a lot,” Chase Kolega, senior, explained.

To honor Cam, his #16 jersey was displayed on the glass of the rink during the game. The boys also wore special jerseys with the mental health awareness emblem on it. The jerseys also had CK16 on it to further display their remembrance and love for Cam.

“Despite our loss, it was a very special game to all of us. Being able to give a game to remembering Cam and having the chance to play in that game was very meaningful to me. I will never forget this game,” Jack Wojnowski, sophomore, said.

During the game, there was a bucket passed around in order to raise money for mental health awareness. In addition, bracelets and hats were sold and there was a silent auction for people to have the chance to win one of the jerseys that the players wore during the game.

“It was amazing to see how much money we were able to raise for mental health awareness, especially since it’s a really sensitive and uncomfortable topic to talk about at our age, and by everyone donating it shows that we’re the generation ending the stigma,” Tess Lalonde, senior, exclaimed.

Madigan Magee, senior, one of the team managers, also helped with donations during the game.

After the game, the boys hockey team invited everyone on the ice after to skate. Kids and adults of all ages skated around with the team. It was a way for all people within the community to come together.

“It seemed like a fitting way to remember Cam by getting everyone together for the skate. He was also very kind to everyone and was liked by everyone. Remembering him through the jerseys and having friends gather and hang out on the ice together was a nice way to continue to remember him,” Navarre said.