Winter activities to do in Milwaukee

There are a variety of activities to do in Milwaukee during your free time.

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There are a variety of activities to do in Milwaukee during your free time.

Christmas has come and gone, a new year has begun, and the first falling flakes have indicated the beginning of harsh Wisconsin snowfall that coat the green grass in sheets of white. With the bulk of the holiday season underway, it may be easy to get caught up in the endless winter cycle of hibernating indoors under layers of blankets and warm sweaters. However, it is important to remember that beyond the windows of heat-conditioned homes lies a variety of activities in the Milwaukee area to revive a bit of that holiday cheer during the colder months.


Skiing, a beloved classic winter activity, is not simply a competitive sport for experienced athletes, but something fun to do on a weekend afternoon with family and friends. With locations such as Cascade and Christmas Mountain near the Wisconsin Dells, Sunburst of the Milwaukee area, and the Grand Geneva, there are plenty of options to choose from to hit the slopes on your own or take lessons.

Ice Skating

Ice skating in Wisconsin is another winter classic. Ice skating is the perfect activity for friends and family to slide and glide across sheets of ice. With both indoor and outdoor options, including the Burnham Park Ice Rink and Wilson Ice Arena, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to jump on the ice with maybe just a few slips and stumbles here and there.

Attend a Festival

The Milwaukee area offers plenty of winter fun with festivals that are both affordable and simply a blast to attend. With upcoming events such as the Winter Whales Festival on January 11, the 10th Annual Winter Carnival on January 25, and the Woolly Bear Festival on February 8 as well as dozens of others, residents are offered a variety of cultural opportunities throughout the Milwaukee area.

Visit a Park

While it may be cold outside, taking a quick hike in the snow with a loved one can be the perfect quiet weekend activity. From Lake Park to Veteran’s Park, there are plenty of locations for people to enjoy the outdoors and classic Milwaukee scenery.