Missing Out

Nevaeh Darby talks about her soccer injury and canceled season.

“Freshman year I had a pretty severe injury, I tore my ACL and needed surgery. The injury made me get hurt a lot more throughout my freshman season because I played with my torn ACL and since I used this whole year trying to get back playing soccer I was crushed to find out the season was canceled since I haven’t played since last June. I was super sad and upset I was going to miss a season especially after missing club season and not being able to play soccer with my teammates hurt as well. I was trying hard to get back into it, so I went to physical therapy and went to all follow-up appointments to get cleared as quickly as possible. Now, every once in a while, I’ll go work on skills and footwork outside and I’m trying to run and do some workouts to get ready for club season if it turns out we have one this year.” -Nevaeh Darby, sophomore