Teenagers react to Summerfest date changes


Julietta Coburn

Henry Maier Festival Park holds Milwaukee’s Summerfest, but this time in September.

Milwaukee’s Summerfest will become a fall festival due to COVID-19, according to a statement by Don Smiley from Summerfest’s official instagram page. . The 11-day festival is moved into several short weekends in September. Teenagers are feeling unsure whether they will attend Summerfest in fall.

A vast number of teenagers interviewed do not seem to plan on attending Thursday and Sunday night concerts because those will be held on school nights. They feel that they will have too many homework assignments to get done and want to prioritize their school work, especially to get off on a good start for the 2020-2021 school year.

“No I don’t plan on attending as many just because I’m going to be in hard classes and I know my parents wouldn’t let me either because it’s a school night,” Cate Hering, sophomore, said.

Though Summerfest was moved from its original dates to protect and stop the spread during the pandemic, many teenagers are still excited to attend the festival in the fall; however, it does not come without worry.

“I am honestly scared to go out places now so Summerfest might be uncomfortable seeing so many people ,” Riley Kramer said, junior.

Despite the threat of not attending Summerfest rescheduled dates due to schoolwork, parent rules, and COVID-19, teens are staying optimistic. The festival is usually a highlight of the summer for most in attendance and many will not let a virus get in their way of nights filled with music, friends and parties as long as it is safe.

“I don’t think this will stop me from going just because of how much I love going, I would be willing to take the risk,” Mac Lawless, sophomore.

With the attendance of many still up in the air, another concern arises. The last five decades Summerfest has occurred; it has taken place at the end of June and beginning of July. Some are concerned with the festival taking place in fall because of the cooler weather that is sure to come. Some might fear this will affect the expected and loved mood that the festival has.

“It is not enjoyable to have fun in the cold,” Abigail Moertl, sophomore, said.

“We are doing everything possible to continue a tradition which spans five decades,” Don Smiley, President & Chief Executive Officer of Summerfest, said.