Year to end with 4-day school weeks

There has been a change to a 4-day school week.

Transitioning to online learning has involved a lot of changes in the way students are learning. A new and major change is Homestead’s switch to a 4-day school week.

“For the next two weeks, beginning on Sunday, May 10, students will receive four days of distance learning assignments,” Jeridon Clark, assistant superintendent of educational services, wrote in an email to families.

The four-day school week is a transition to give students a break to catch up on anything they missed and to give teachers a chance to clean out classrooms. “On the three workdays in May, staff members will also work in shifts and practice social distancing to begin the complicated process of packing up the student belongings remaining in schools,” Clark continued.

In the future, there will also come a date when students will be able to pick up any materials they have left at Homestead. According to Clark,”Plans are still being finalized, but we are tentatively looking at the week of June 8 as the time when families can pick up student materials from the school buildings.”

Students and families should continue to pay attention to more information coming from the district, teachers or principal.

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