Girls basketball sticks together during unpredictable season


McKenna Marotta

The girls basketball team huddles together during their game on Friday night.

In a year where nothing is certain, the girls basketball team is determined to work hard no matter what challenges they face in every drill, practice and game.

Despite their loss on Friday night, the girls remain optimistic and grateful to have the opportunity to play.

“When we are all helping each other and cheering each other on throughout this challenging season, it just brings everyone together,” Zoe Mueller, sophomore point guard, said.

While this has been her most unpredictable season, Head Coach Corey Wolf is trying her best to keep the team on their feet. “With many different challenges in our way, this is a season where everyone needs to be ready to go because you never know when your name is going to be called upon,” Wolf said.

Despite not having as many fans, the team finds different ways to remain positive and even take this opportunity to grow together. “Even though it is a lot different playing without as many fans, I think we must continue to communicate and cheer our teammates on during the game, which has brought us even closer together,” Delaney Buzzell, sophomore, said.

The Highlanders have one of the youngest teams in the conference with only six returners and seven underclassmen.

Taking on a significant leadership role, Lexi Buzzell, senior, made it her goal to improve individually as a player but also to show the underclassman what needs to be done to succeed. “Being one of only three seniors and having so many new varsity players, I knew it would be essential for me to come to practice every day ready to get better for my team, which eventually translated onto the court for me as well,” Buzzell said.

Senior guard Khendel Rolison agreed with Buzzell and how each day they have to give it all as each day is uncertain. “I think it is important that we all go hard every day and appreciate every moment of this season because we never know what the future holds,” Rolison said.

The girls hope to continue to grow each day regardless of the challenges they face. Staying positive and appreciating every moment, the Highlanders (6-12) will face the Hartford Orioles (13-4) Tuesday at Hartford.

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