Film club creates a small community inside Homestead

A club created by students to share the love of movies


Olivia Cagle

Film Club meets virtually over zoom to watch and discuss films.

What happens when you bring together a group of diverse high school students with a love for film? You make a film club! Homestead’s Film Club is a group of students dedicated to watching and discussing movies after school. The club started during the last school year, but because of the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, there was no time to organize or gather together.

The club was built to create a community of people who share the same love for movies. “We noticed that most of Homestead’s clubs are service-based, and we wanted to make a club that was more community based – one that gives members a sense of belonging with people who share the same interests and goals of growing as movie lovers” Olivia Cagle, junior, president and co-founder, said.

The club meets twice a month, one meeting for viewing and one for discussing what was watched. Students are able to bring their thoughts together to find meaning and share what they did or didn’t enjoy about the film. Meetings have been held in person and over Zoom depending on availability and safety. It is open for all to join and is a super casual meeting place for the students of Homestead.

For Annie Brown, junior, vice president, and co-founder, Film Club is a way to bring people together to share their love of films and learn more about them. “I love getting to share my love for movies with both like-minded people and with people who are just getting into movies. There is nothing like the moment when a film resonates with someone, you can see it on their face,” Brown said.

Ana Jaquez, junior, co-founder and communications director for the film club, talked about what she really enjoys about the club personally, “Honestly, my favorite thing about film club is that instead of just recommending movies to people, I can force them to watch movies that I love! I also love the film club Instagram (@homesteadfilmclub) because although we do not meet that often, we’re still super active on Instagram.”

This year the club has viewed titles such as, “Knives Out,” “Dead Poet’s Society,” and “The Social Network,” to name a few.