Spring sports season begins


Hannah Kennedy

Boys baseball practiced socially distant in the summer of 2020.

In the wake of COVID-19, spring sports seasons were canceled in early 2020. This year players look forward to their first seasons back and share how they are preparing.

Boys Lacrosse
“Last year we missed our season because of Covid, so the majority of our team hasn’t played in 2 years except some of us who played for club teams over the summer. It has been a weird year for lacrosse because lots of people haven’t even picked up their sticks and practiced in 2 years. It’s sad to think that this is my last sports season that I’ll play, but I’m also really excited to see all the work we’ve put in throughout the years go into this final season.” -Oliver Sewart, senior, defense

Girls Soccer
“Covid took away our season last year which was really disappointing since it was going to be [coach] Denk’s first year as a coach and we had been working really hard. Although we were super upset, we used it as motivation this year and have been pushing ourselves harder than ever. We have been really focusing on our team and making sure we will be ready when the season gets here.”-Katie Price, senior, outside midfielder

Girls Softball
“Covid affected me in multiple ways when it came to softball, when we were locked down I was forced to take a lot of time away from softball so coming back to it was a lot harder than I anticipated. When it comes to the team I think we need to try a lot harder this year to have team bonding experiences since a lot of the stuff we had planned for over the summer we’re taken away from us. Something I’m looking forward to this season is being a senior on the team!”-Allison Konya, senior, catcher

Boys Golf
“Our season last year was canceled because of Covid but I am finally looking forward to playing again this year with the team. We missed out on a lot of opportunities as a team, so I hope this season will make up for that.”-Ben Handal, junior, varsity golf

Boys Track
“Covid has had a major impact on the season.It has made meeting up with our large team so difficult. It has challenged me as a runner because without having an organized practice, it can be difficult to have the motivation to run.”- Willy Doerr, junior, boy’s varsity track mid-distance runner

Girls Track
“It’s weird to think that this is my last year running track in high school, and my last year running with my friends.”-Abbie Ravanelli, senior, girls varsity track mid-distance runner

Girls Lacrosse
“I have been working harder than I normally would make up for us not having a season last year.”-Kendall Coburn, junior, midfield

“It’s cool seeing the talent in the freshman and sophomore classes and I’m excited to play once again.”-Sean Seyfer, senior, first base