PDP event raises money for local, national charities


Francesca De Martino

The newly built mini-golf course at Missing Links in Mequon will host the event on Friday.

PDP, Product Development Project, is a senior-only class, typically for those students who want to be in business for their career or major after high school. Seniors apply and are selected into this class by Mr. Brandn Lindsey, a business teacher at Homestead. Seniors need to have at least a 3.5 GPA or higher, have previously taken business classes, and Lindsey will review the student’s work ethic and attendance records with the teaching staff.

Lindsey then divides the students into groups to work with one another for the entirety of the trimester.

“Students learn a number of skills such as professional communication, team-building skills, how to delegate tasks, how to multitask,” Lindsey went on to say, “Students also learn about business type skills, how to conduct business meetings and presentations, financial statements, return on investment, how to create successful surveys, use of research creates good info,” he said. These skills will be useful for their future careers in business.

Manav Shah, Gabi Thomas, Ellie Thomas, Micheal Maxey, Tanner Van Vooren and Jack Wirthlin have all been paired up with each other to work with one another in class. They have been assigned a mentor to work with and learn from. Their group’s mentors are Rob Kos and Traci Cain from Gathering on the Green, which specializes in musical events and entertainment right in Mequon.

“Our mentors have been super helpful and have taught us so many things about events that I had no idea existed,” Ellie Thomas, senior, said.

The mentors have guided the students in creating their very own event for the class which takes place on May 14 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The students have been organizing a charity event at Missing Links Golf Course and Driving Range. Tickets are on sale on an Eventbrite site (see flyer to register), or in person at Missing Links, for $12 a ticket.

“We chose Missing Links because we thought that mini-golf would be a really fun thing to do for everyone in our community. It is something every age group can do,” Gabi Thomas, senior, said.

The proceeds raised at the event on Friday will go to Advocates of Ozaukee and Feeding America. Advocates of Ozaukee is an organization that works to end domestic and sexual violence through education, prevention, and intervention services, located in Saukville, Wisc. And, Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger in the United States.

“We are raising money for Advocates of Ozaukee and Feeding America because we were hoping to support one local and one national charity organization,” Manav Shah, senior, said.

In addition to mini-golf, there will also be a raffle for gift cards donated from sponsors. The gift cards are from businesses all over the area, like Prime Minister, Santorini Grill, Highland House, car wash certificates, and more.

The students have been preparing for this event and there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation for the event, including how to handle COVID-19 restrictions. Masks are recommended but not required at this outdoor event.

“The process started by meeting our mentors, figuring out what event to plan, and who we would like to raise money for in this event. After finalizing where and when the event was going to take place we worked on finding sponsors,” Shah said.

“We [the students] are all working together on this project. We found that it works best to work as a team since there are so many moving parts. In PDP we have learned how to communicate and work together to make sure everything will run smoothly,” E. Thomas explained.

“Anyone can come and help raise money for Advocates of Ozaukee and Feeding America! Even if you cannot make it to the event, you can still donate!” E. Thomas expressed.