Freshmen select courses for 2022/2023


Sasha Djurasovic

Students must make their course selections in Infinite Campus.

As the deadline to submit course selections for the 2022/2023 school year approaches, freshmen share their anticipation about signing up for new courses for sophomore year.
Final decisions on classes for 2022/23 are due in Infinite Campus on Jan. 31, which gives students time to consider their workload and schedule for next year.
The process of picking courses allows students an opportunity to look towards the future of their academic careers with a sense of eagerness for all the new things they will learn and
experience in the coming year. Students can choose classes specific to their talents and
interests, which leads to a higher engagement level.
Addie Farell said, “I’m excited to take PLTW next year because I find it really interesting.”
This being said, the unfamiliar process for selections and harder classes can spark feelings of
uncertainty for some freshmen.
When asked about classes for next year, Ellie Elgin stated, “I am nervously awaiting hours in my room doing AP US History homework.”
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