Coaches explain their young athletic careers


Benny Sieu

Kelly Denk goes for the goal at Waukesha West High School.

Many teachers and coaches chose to work with students and athletes based on their own young athletic careers.
Drew Dixon, physical education eeacher, Kelly Denk, AVID and English teacher, David Shepard, substitute teacher and Kellie Baran, special education teacher, shared what sports they played in high school and college and how it impacts their work today.
Drew Dixon played football at Manitowac High School and University of Lacrosse. Kelly Denk played soccer at Waukesha West High school, and University of Lacrosse. David Shepard played at Cedarburg High School, Viterbo Universtiy, Graceland University, Lindenwood University. Lastly, Kellie Baran played basektball at Homestead High School and Kansas University.
Their love for the sports they coach all started somewhere.
Baran said, “I liked being a part of the high school team because it gave me a sense of belonging to the community.”
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