Freshman Friday: Kyla Imana


Lauren Van Vooren

Kyla Imana, freshman, shares insight as she transitions between classes.

Every Friday, Highlander Publications chooses a freshman to be featured in “Freshman Friday,” giving the student population the opportunity to get to know its freshman class. Meet this week’s featured freshman, Kyla Imana.

If you had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Noodles and Company

Dream job?
Probably something to do with either traveling and media or interior design.

Biggest fear?

Favorite show or movie?
My favorite show at the moment is Dynasty.

Where do you want to live when you’re older?
I think it would be cool to live in Southern California or North Carolina when I’m older.

Favorite beverage?

Favorite class this year?
My favorite class is French 2.

Favorite moment of freshman year?
My favorite moment of freshman year so far was joining the dive team and gymnastics team, bonding with teammates was always so fun and I made so many memories.

What are you looking forward to in the rest of high school?
I’m looking forward to more high school sports, especially next year when I get to join in on hazing the freshman.