Cycling into prom season

In preparation for “A Night Under the Stars” at Prom on April 9, students buzzed with excitement and last minute planning for the fun activities that would ensue on the quickly approaching weekend ahead of them.

However, before the teens danced their hearts away at the Mequon River Club, the junior and senior classes participated in a friendly competition at CycleBar on April 7.

CycleBar is a fitness establishment centered around indoor cycling. Caroline Young, general manager at CycleBar Mequon, said, “CycleBar is the ideal set up for group fitness. It is set up for all fitness levels, adding musicality to the cardio routine and the ‘bar’ for a full body workout.”

The business was looking to create a Spring event with the high school and decided to put one together with the help of Adam Sulim, senior and CycleBar member, who organized the event.

Young said, “As we learned about Prom, we thought it would be best to promote it [the event at CycleBar] among the cardio benefits and dancing all night long at Prom! It kind of evolved as the timeline was shorter than we thought, but we loved having a VIP Private Ride for the school—the best way to experience the CycleBar workout, music and community.”

The intense physical aspect of the event, although intriguing and different, seemed challenging to some students which created uncertainty over whether or not they wanted to participate.

Olivia Cagle, senior, said, “I knew what Cyclebar was, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I didn’t think I could do it. Adam Sulim who organized it encouraged me to do it and go for the one time since it’s free and would be fun…After I went through it, I was kind of impressed with myself. Even though I didn’t keep up with some of the stuff because I’m pretty out of shape, I still got through it, and I think I would definitely go back and do it again.”

In the end, the group-friendly environment made it the perfect location for the students to have fun with their friends while enjoying some physical activity before the dance.

“I thought it was a fun way to get high schoolers involved with CycleBar or just to try it out,” Mary Bridget Jones, senior, said. “Especially in a relaxed environment with our friends…It was harder than I thought it was gonna be, but overall I really enjoyed it with the music and the instructor pushing you the whole time to keep going…and I really pushed myself which was fun.”

The top ten riders from the April 7 ride will receive a free month of rides at the Mequon location.

The Mequon CycleBar will be hosting a free spring event for Homestead teachers on April 21 at 4:30 p.m. Email [email protected] to reserve a bike.