Freshman Friday: Olivia Johnson

Every Friday, Highlander Publications chooses a freshman to be featured in “Freshman Friday,” giving the student population the opportunity to get to know its freshman class. Meet this week’s featured freshman, Olivia Johnson!

What is your favorite beverage?

Chai latte

What is your favorite restaurant in Mequon?

Cafe 1505

Favorite animal?


Would you rather fight a chicken to death every time you get in a car? Or fight an orangutan to death once a year, but you get a sword? And why?

Fight a chicken because I could just take the bus and other means of transportation more often. Also the odds of me winning against an orangutan are low.

What do you like about Homestead?

I like their strong emphasis on community building and becoming acquainted with one another

Are you involved in any clubs at Homestead?

Best Buddies

What is your favorite class so far?

AP Human Geography

Dream job?

Environmental Scientist

How many siblings do you have?