American sports fans unite over viewing the World Cup



American soccer fans show national pride when cheering for the World Cup.

As the World Cup once again began this late November, it joined soccer fans all over the world. Players and coaches found comfort in the newly popularized national team. Nationally, people fostered a love for the sport in the small window of time, especially those at Homestead.

The World Cup is showcased this year in Qatar, drawing in fans all over the globe to Asia in order to live view the games. The games have served as a way to show the world the importance of soccer. Fans engaged in the games although barely following the sport otherwise.

The rising popularity of the foot-skilled sport was something noticed by previous soccer fans.

“I look forward to soccer growing in the United States in the future,” Joshua Watzka, junior, said.

Watzka, an avid soccer player and fan, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support for soccer in the nation currently.

The opening game to the world up had around 7.2 million viewers in the United States. While the national team was at an all time high, with almost 11.2 million views each of their games.

The national team itself has shone through as an underdog team. The United States team tied both England and Wales, and beat Iran, placing them into the round of 16 pool. Although losing to the Netherlands 3-1 in the first round, the team showed the importance of perseverance on the world stage.

A few notable players gained popularity along with the team as a whole. The qualities and dedication of U.S. national team captain Christian Pulisic quickly made him a fan favorite.

“What I think is very admirable about Pulisic is that he seems to enjoy the company of any fellow player regardless of experience, while he also works hard to motivate the team,” Kelly Denk, head soccer coach and English teacher, said.

Denk has used the World Cup to motivate her athletes in all aspects of the sport. She also describes the powerful lessons given to viewers by the national team during their time competing.

“No matter who you are or how you are playing, you always have the opportunity to surprise people,” is a valuable lesson Ms. Denk will carry with her to her team to inspire them to reach goals and surprise people, similarly to what was seen in Qatar.

Many young athletes, not just including soccer players at Homestead can take important lessons from the U.S. National team. Their devotion and commitment to representing the American people through soccer can become a model for many to strive toward.

Hopefully in future World Cups, the United States can advance further into the competition and become a strong team around the world.

As Watzka had described, “I hope this World Cup will mark a change in terms of the US being viewed as a viable contender to make it further in the World Cup.”