Boys varsity basketball team seniors start off their final season strong


Maya Djurosovic

Chris Djurosovic, senior, goes up for a shot in a regular season game against Nicolet.

The boys varsity basketball team has taken over the North Shore by winning conference last season and beginning this year with a 4-1 record. This success can be greatly attributed to the senior players and their athletic abilities developed throughout their time in high school.

Homestead won the conference championship during the 2021-2022 season and has started out strong with a 4-1 record in the current 2022-2023 season. The enthusiasm and spirit from the team and the packed student section has made this season a positive experience.

“When we won our first conference title in 20 some years the game was packed with an insane student section and after we won, the party in the locker room is something I will never forget,” Stefan Ivancevic, senior, said.

With the end in sight, the seniors are reminiscing on their experience playing throughout high school.

“I have the same goals and a lot of the same people, but it is different without last year’s seniors and knowing that at the end of the year I am done playing for Homestead,” Chris Djurasovic, senior, said. “It will be really weird thinking I am done playing with the teammates I’ve had my whole life.”

The last year playing has brought a newfound appreciation for the team.

“These years went by so fast so make sure you value every moment and game because these moments are something I will hold on to forever,” Ivancevic said. “It’s a reflective moment for me. Thinking back to all the years that not only I have spent but everyone in the Class of ‘23. It’s also crazy how far everyone in this class has come.”

The team’s success is partially built on the players’ relationships on and off the court.

“I really love the basketball team and all of my friends on the team,” Myles Kelly, senior, said.

Another major aspect of the team’s success is the senior players’ leadership and athletic abilities, and “it is my biggest joy is to see the players grow not only in basketball but also as young men. It is no question each of them has grown a ton,” Coach Sean Crider said.

Coach Crider’s seven years of experience as head coach has led to his understanding of the seniors’ greatest assets.

“Solomon’s biggest strength is his passing and speed, Chris’s ability to finish around the rim, Stefan’s is his rebounding, Chung’s toughness and defensive skills, Kelly’s defensive skills, Lueck is a solid shooter and is pure comedy. I am lucky to coach them all,” Crider said.

As the season progresses, the seniors continue to develop their athletic abilities in order to prepare for the rest of the season and their future academic or athletic future opportunities.