Closet Closeup: Eli Gianakos


Eli Gianakos, senior, is known for his love for winter sports, his tendency to explore, and his exemplary style, always sporting the newest – and oldest – trends.

Gianakos describes his style as “streetwear,” noted by his collection of shoes, vintage styles, and thrifted tops. He has caught on to the thrifting trend, shopping anywhere he can find curated pieces.

His style inspiration is Pharrell Williams, who recently became the creative director of Louis Vuitton.

“He invented streetwear in my eyes, and can make any expensive shirt go perfectly with a pair of thrifted pants,” Gianakos said.

Let’s peer into his closet and interpret his five favorite pieces!

Gianakos’ first favorite piece is a vibrant, orange, and black Nike windbreaker, complete with a varsity v-neck and cuffs.

“My girlfriend got this for me at a thrift store, called 1988, and that’s why I love it. It goes very well with many of my pants, and is super lightweight so I can wear it in any weather,” Gianakos said.

Gianakos’ second piece is a pair of dark wash denim Carharrt cutoffs, with a black-and-white gingham lining. This is a very unique piece, as folding up the bottoms can bring a pattern into your wardrobe.

“I got them for $5 at a thrift store. I love them because of how warm and comfortable they are, while simultaneously making me look like a suburban dad- in a good way,” Gianakos said.

Gianakos’ third piece is a lightweight, multi-colored striped polo tee, with henley buttons near the collar. It is a modern, yet vintage, take on the classic collared top.

“This is just a cool Tommy Hilfiger shirt that I got for a few bucks while thrifting. I love it because of the colors and the old Ralph Lauren logo on it,” Gianakos said.

Gianakos’ fourth piece is a white, heavyweight cargo jacket with black detailing. Especially for this climate, jackets are almost mandatory- elevating your style with a different, unique kind of one is an easy way to integrate new trends into your wardrobe.

“This is from a brand called Rudsak, and it’s only sold in Montreal and New York. When I saw it in Canada, I knew I had to have it because I genuinely thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” Gianakos said.

Gianakos’ last item is a pair of terracotta low Nike Dunks. The pop of color is a necessity to elevate any basic outfit or to bring together the colors on an existing top.

“I really like the early 2010’s Dunks and have had them since like 2014. They go well with many outfits and are the most comfortable pair of dunks in the world,” Gianakos said.


Gianakos continues to thrift at consignment and resale shops, and improve his ever-growing shoe collection.