Freshman Friday: Rosalie Kojis


Every Friday, Highlander Publications chooses a freshman to be featured in “Freshman Friday,” giving the student population the opportunity to get to know its freshman class. Meet this week’s featured freshman, Rosalie Kojis!

What is your favorite color?

I don’t have a favorite color, but green is the worst color in the world

What are three words that describe you?

Very exceedingly silly!!!!!

Favorite class?


Would you rather fight a chicken to death every time you get in a car? Or fight an orangutan to death once a year, but you get a sword? And why?

I want to fight an orangutan to the death because I am filled with rage at the sight of apes!!!

Favorite Show?

South Park

How many siblings do you have?


What middle school did you go to?


How was your transition between middle school and high school?

Easy Peasy