Humans of Homestead: Mira Boegel

“We’re your stereotypical Mequon family. I live with my mom and dad and have a younger brother who is a junior at Homestead. I have so many extracurriculars that I barely even see them right now, but other than that I would consider us a very normal family,” Mira Boegel, senior, said.

Despite considering herself “normal,” Boegel is extremely involved within the school community specifically and has big hope for the future. As the captain of the ski team and volunteer coordinator for NHS, Mira is also a very “go green person who hopes we can eventually figure out our environmental problems so our life is not too inhibited by this in the future.”

Boegel has big hopes for the future, believing it “shouldn’t be too much to ask people to be nice to each other and get along, even though nowadays it seems to be a big ask of people in society. Obviously it would be impossible for all of us to live in kumbaya but I feel like everyone would be so much happier and there wouldn’t be as much mental strain, especially on teenagers if we didn’t have hate in the world,” Boegel said.