New faculty reflect on their first year


In the beginning this year, we interviewed the new staff members about their early impressions of teaching at Homestead. Now months later, the new teachers have had a chance to soak in what they have learned over the year and discuss their experiences navigating the school.
Earlier this year, teachers were asked what were three words to describe Homestead. Rachel Kragenbrink, science, had initially said” dedicated, supportive, and informed.” She would now describe the school with words such as, “spirit, pride, and community.”
This description of the school represents how the teachers have recognized the #mightyhighlanders sense of community and the pride students and faculty show.
Another important piece of being a new teacher is what they learned while teaching here.
“Something I have learned so far teaching here is that who you surround yourself with will significantly impact your ability to succeed,” Andrew Kolstad, math teacher, said.
Kolstad explained that the people around him at school are what make the difference, especially for someone new.
The new faculty focused on the welcoming community and dedication of students and fellow faculty as important attributes they have witnessed in their time in a new school.
Finally, one takeaway is what the new teachers would tell an incoming staff member in future years with their knowledge of the school now.
“The advice I would give to new teachers is to get involved in something outside of the classroom. Coaching the swim team has helped me to truly feel part of the Homestead community and make better connections with my students,” Julia Hoefs, social studies teacher, said.
Hoefs’ advice to future new faculty depicts the importance of getting involved and how easy it is to become part of the Homestead family.