Crisping up their game


Matthew Seiberlich

Cole Beiser, sophomore, cradles the ball against Hamilton on Thursday, March 23.

The boys lacrosse team has won their first three games of the season by 8 points over Verona, 11 points over West Bend, and by 23 points over Hamilton.

Although the season started March 6, the team has been practicing since the beginning of January, once a week, to get prepared.

David Foster, junior, defenseman, said in practice they have been working on “Riding and clearing the ball. So getting the ball to the other side of the field efficiently.”

Head coach Peter Mortan, has been the coach for three years and is proud of what the team has accomplished so far in their first games of the season.

“They are all very accountable for what they are out there doing. They play as a team. The overall enthusiasm they have brought so far has been really good for our program,” Mortan said.

In spite of their success, the team has been working on ways to improve their game.

The most important things mentioned to improve on are, “Being able to clear the ball better, so crisping out our passing and catching. Playing more as a team, not as individuals. Making sure that everyone gets involved,” Mortan said.

During the spring 2022 season, the team had a 14-8 record but nearly all of the team has returned this year.

Eli Bersell, senior, said, “As a team we plan to grow off of the great season we had last year.”

This year the team has hopes to win their conference, the Classic Eight and advance to the Wisconsin state playoffs.

“Making it out of the second round of the playoffs which we have never done before, to get into the third round of playoffs and then also go play for a State Championship” would be a main goal for the season” Mortan said.

June is fast approaching and the team has been working this past year to meet their goals with dedication to their sport.

Although they are putting in the work, they are also having fun by “playing some tunes before the game to get the team pumped for the game and everyone’s all hyped up to get out on the field,” Bersell said. This is one of the team’s pre game rituals that have contributed to the team’s success thus far.

Lacrosse is a team sport that requires everyone on the field to work cohesively to obtain the one main goal of scoring. Understanding how you can take advantage of each player’s strengths to maximize the team’s potential is significant to “Winning, while playing together as a team,” Foster said.

The team has its next game on Thursday, April 6 at Dominican High School.