Boys track team members commit across the country


Trefor Jones and Erich Hinterstocker

Owen Bosley and Dominic Silhol finalize their commitments to run at the collegiate level. Drew Wilson signs his commitment papers to play football for the University of Minnesota.

With not one but three Division 1 athletes drawing talent to the boys track team this year, there is a different dynamic on the track. Their commitment to some of the best colleges in the country did not happen overnight; their stories start from the bottom as they worked their way up to head off to University of Minnesota, Pepperdine University and Harvard University.

Recently the athletes finalized their commitments to running at the collegiate level at their signings on March and December.

As they reflect on their experience being members of the boys track team sprinter Drew Wilson, senior team captain, recalls the numerous ways the sport benefited his high school experience, “At first I really did not like track, but the more friends I made on the team and the better I got at it the experience turned into something that was enjoyable and worth working for,” Wilson said.

The athletes described the vital mental toughness and hundreds of hours spent running, completing drills and lifting weights that were necessary to get to where they are today as top athletes in the state.

Dominic Silhol, senior team captain, looks back on his experience as a runner, “I always wanted to run at the collegiate level but running at specifically the Division 1 level was not something I thought was going to be able to happen as a freshman. All I knew was that running and training with my friends was something that made the hard work worth it, fun and seem so much easier. The overall team culture of hardwork and the fact that we all pushed each other to be our best made it seem like a team effort and ultimately carried me to where I am today,” Silhol said.

Similarly Owen Bosley, senior team captain, describes how his enjoyment of the sport contributed to numerous aspects of his life and made becoming a Division 1 athlete attainable.

“I really like the 3200 because I am good at it and it is the most similar to cross country. Track and cross country have helped me to make some of the best friendships and relationships which contributed to such a strong team bond. Everyone on the team, whether on JV or Varsity, was committed to improving and being consistent, taking it mile by mile which made progress and getting out there to put in the work a million times easier,” Bosley said.

The Southeast region of Wisconsin, specifically the North Shore conference, has been the most competitive in past years.
Trefor Jones, distance coach, talks about how the rising competition has been nothing but fuel for these athletes and an ability for their leadership qualities to show.

“They really set the tone for the other teammates non-verbally and verbally. A lot of kids think you are either going to be good at it or not and miss the point of how to navigate a good day and a bad day. They help them to realize it starts before you put your shoes on. Owen and Dom truly treat all their teammates the same when they are truly bought in and it genuinely contributes to their ability to communicate with other teammates and be a positive influence on the team. Running is not their personality but it is definitely a huge part; they love that part of their life and want it to continue which gives them a sense of purpose. Coaching them has been fun, I look at the group that came before them and it is weird to think that four years has passed,” Jones said.