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The student news site of Homestead High School in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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Inside Henry Behnke’s championship pursuit

Melina Angeli
Henry Behnke takes much-needed time off after his third team sports championship.

In the heart of the Homestead field house, the ultimate battleground of teenage athleticism takes place. TeamSports is a gym class that isn’t for the faint of heart, with students being broken into teams they stay with for the whole trimester. Each team squares off in a relentless series of sports, from basketball to flag football, and each team determined to take the win.

Among all the activities, one figure stands out ie, senior student Henry Behnke. With a remarkable track record of three championship titles, Behnke now aims for a fourth.

As Kelly Appleby, the Team Sports teacher, says, “Henry has grown from a contributing player to a leader in Team Sports during his years.”

Behnke’s path to success was not always aimed at winning championships. It began with a simple desire for a break from school and a willingness to try something new. “What drew me to Team Sports was hearing someone talk about it, and it sounded fun, so I signed up for the class,” Behnke recalls.

Little did he know that this decision would lead to a remarkable career in Team Sports and one of the most impressive records in Homestead High School history.

With three championship victories already under his belt, one might assume Behnke’s approach to this trimester class was overconfident and arrogant. Yet Behnke’s approach has not changed from the past three years: “Going into this trimester, I planned on doing the same things I had done the last three times: just go in and turn up.” When I asked what “Just go in and turn up” refers to, Behnke replied: “Dominate all the men in my class… Hard.”

Reflecting on past experiences in Team Sports, Behnke reminisces about one particularly memorable moment.

“One memory I had was that in my sophomore year, I was on the greatest Team Sports team ever to exist, and we put up 111 points in a basketball game in class!” Behnke recalls with nostalgia. It’s these moments of sheer dominance that drive Behnke and his team to success.

As Behnke sets his sights on securing that fourth championship, many say you must have a good team behind you.

As Behnke put it, “I drafted a team full of studs, and we’re going to run through the class.” Even amidst his bold proclamations of winning a fourth championship, Behnke acknowledges the challenges his team faces, yet at the same time, you can still see Behnke’s confidence in his squad this trimester: “We’ve had some issues starting the class, but I haven’t heard the final bell yet, so we’ll keep going and take it home.” Don’t forget he is not without his rivals. David Foster, another team captain in the current class, provides insight into the competitive landscape. “It’s been challenging trying to combat his agile tactics and his systematic approach to any given sport,” Foster admits.

According to Appleby, what sets Behnke apart is his ability to inspire and uplift those around him. “Henry (Behnke) has had a positive impact on the atmosphere of Team Sports with his enthusiasm and daily effort. This enthusiasm has elevated Team Sports to be a better class when he is in it,” Appleby explains, highlighting Behnke’s innate leadership qualities.

“To be successful in Team Sports, players need to have a variety of skills in a variety of sports. These skills include running, catching, shooting, throwing, swinging, and hitting. In addition to these skills, a valuable Team Sports player has intangibles. Some of these intangibles include attitude, effort, attendance, and teamwork. Henry has demonstrated these qualities, which have led to the success of many of his teams.”

As the trimester unfolds, the stakes increase and the competition becomes fiercer. Behnke’s determination to etch his name into Homestead High School history as he pursues that fourth Team Sports championship title remains.

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Adin Gendelman, Staffer
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Melina Angeli
Melina Angeli, Staffer
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