Dissecting Grey’s Anatomy: Evaluating the premiere

After months of waiting, season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy has finally premiered. Months of waiting, excitement and anticipation have finally come to an end. So today, we broke out our scrubs, got our dark and twisty back on and started our thirteenth surgical rotation at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

For the thirteenth season of Grey’s anatomy, staffers: I, Sasha Milbeck, and Abbi Passey will be blogging about the episodes. As much as we both love Grey’s Anatomy, we have contrasting opinions on many of the show’s quirks. Just as the surgeons do in Greys, we will be taking “rotations” to help inform you about the latest scoop on the show. So we invite you to scrub into surgery with us, and join us in reviewing and discussing the current season of Grey’s Anatomy. As Doctor Derek Shepherd once said, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives, let’s have some fun.”

Season 13’s premiere of Grey’s Anatomy was similar to all of the other 12 premieres: a return of (almost all) my favorite characters, medical trauma upon trauma and a heart-wrenching emotional roller coaster. 13 season later and Shonda Rhimes, the show’s producer, can still have me in utter joy one minute, and the next have me in such frustration I feel like ripping out my television. All in all, I truly did like this episode and I am looking forward to what else Rhimes has in store this season.

To refresh your memory, the episode picks up with Doctor Alex Karev walking in on Doctor Andrew DeLuca trying to put Karev’s drunken girlfriend, Doctor Jo Wilson safely to bed. Karev, being irrational as always, attacks DeLuca and hospitalizes him. The main character, Doctor Meredith Grey, then spends the entirety of the episode agonizing on whether she should turn Karev into the police. I truly disliked what this episode had in store for Karev.

In my heart, I really did want to believe that Karev had matured and grown as a man. In earlier seasons, his temper and behavior were justified, but now, it’s extremely juvenile watching him beat up DeLuca. While this did disappoint me, I eventually found myself proud and happy of Karev when he turned himself into the police.

As a whole, the episode’s plot-line taught me one thing: as much as I love Karev and Wilson, they just don’t work. They lack the trust that a relationship should have and they both deserve better. If Wilson can’t even tell Karev the truth about who she is, what chance do they have at happiness? As they both had difficult childhoods and have both been hurt in the past, I truly did like them together- they understood each other’s pain. But now, after seeing how their relationship not only hurts them, but also hurts innocent bystanders like DeLuca as well, I can now sadly say that Wilson isn’t Karev’s happy ending.

On a side-note, another main plot-line of the episode was Grey’s relationship with Doctor Nathan Riggs. This is the part of the episode which really angered me. After the loss of Grey’s husband- Dr. Derek Shepherd- Grey finally got her life together and found happiness again with Riggs. After grieving over the loss of her husband for so long, I was so excited to see Grey find happiness. However, as any true Grey lover knows, relationships and love rarely last on this show, due to personal or medical situations that arise. In this case, Grey puts a halt on the relationship, because Doctor Maggie Pierce, Grey’s half-sister, has an interest in Riggs.

As much as I love Pierce, I was angry that Grey not only sacrificed her happiness, but lied about her feelings too.

Aside from all the drama, I did especially love one part of the episode: the birth of Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner’s daughter, Harriet. Avery and Kepner have suffered for so long; they lost their first son, they got a divorce and they were both mentally broken. It was amazing to see them both happy. Even though they are currently separated, I do hope that Harriet links the two together and allows them to find love again.

To sum up, I really did like this premiere. Yes, I was angry with the characters at times, but all in all, I was happy with the episode. For those who haven’t seen it, I apologize for the spoilers, but trust me, it’s a must watch. Even after thirteen seasons, Grey’s Anatomy still never fails to impress me.